Arctic Archives: Unraveling Greenland's Weather History

Calling all data detectives! Uncover the secrets hidden in old weather archives from Greenland and help us understand past, present and future Arctic climate.

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On the scanned pages there are many columns with data, including temperature, precipitation, pressure, and wind.
To begin with, we would like your help with station metadata ('data about the data'), and temperature data from 8 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 9 in the evening. More stations and weather parameters will be released later.

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Digitized weather records help us understand Greenland's past weather and extreme events in improved detail and let us fine-tune models to predict the future Arctic climate, benefitting everyone!

Johan Scheller

About Arctic Archives: Unraveling Greenland's Weather History

Dear Volunteers,

We invite you to join our mission and help us reveal old weather records from Greenlandic weather archives. By digitizing these records, you'll help us understand past climate, which will increase our knowledge of past, present and future climate.

Join the Danish Meteorological Institute in this important mission to preserve history so that researchers around the world can analyze these precious data. No experience is required – just your interest.

Together, let's unravel these Arctic weather stories of the past.

Are you up for the challenge? Join us now!

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