Finished! Looks like this project is out of data at the moment!

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Finished! Looks like this project is out of data at the moment!

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Interested in learning more about wildlife ecology and behavior?

Check out our Snapshot Safari educational materials, perfect for day camps, informal classroom settings, and students of any age who wish to extend their knowledge of the African savanna.

For more advanced students, feel free to use and adapt this lab manual developed by University of Minnesota faculty in combination with classified data from Seasons 1-11 of Snapshot Serengeti.

Please be sure to credit the original authors when using the manual. The images in the spreadsheet have been filtered in two ways: empty images (containing only plants) have been removed and duplicate images of the same species captured repeatedly in a 30-minute interval have been removed to ensure independence for ecological analyses. For questions about this, see 'A gentle introduction to camera-trap analysis' by Rahel Sollmann (2018) within the same directory.

If you would like to download images from Seasons 1-11 in their entirety, you may do so at: You can also download data from six other Snapshot projects at, a data repository we created with Microsoft AI for Earth.

Want to learn more about Snapshot Safari parks and conservation history?

Explore our timeline at

Would you like to use our data for research?

One of the primary goals of Snapshot Safari is to generate spatial and temporal data on the dynamics of numerous African wildlife species living under varying ecological conditions that will be useful to scientists across the globe. If you are a student or researcher interested in using the camera trapping data from our project to test new and exciting hypotheses, email to tell us more about your project. Please include the names and affiliations of all researchers, a brief abstract, and a list of the Snapshot sites from which you'd like data.